LifeCrown Fitting
  • Practical
  • Durable (made with Lexan)
  • Resistant to Heat
  • Firefighter Friendly (Touch and Go)
  • By Firefighters for Firefighters
LifeCrown Fitting
LifeCrown Fitting

LifeCrown is an exit indicator device that is placed onto a hoseline’s male coupling and serves as an essential tool to direct firefighters at a critical moment involving life or death.

Research indicates that approximately 30% of firefighter deaths and injuries occur due to disorientation or being lost inside a structure fire. When including the “loss of air” factor into this equation, the chances for survival diminish even further.

The LifeCrown easily snaps over the male coupling and points to the water source (the engine company).

The LifeCrown is a tool that utilizes the concept of “touch and go”. Most fire ground situations do not allow for the use of visual senses; therefore, the ability to feel or touch during a moment of disorientation is paramount to survival.

 Hoselines, or lifelines, as they are commonly called serve a dual purpose. They are used to extinguish fires while also providing a means to an exit and safety.

 The LifeCrown improves the lifeline’s effectiveness by eliminating guesswork or thought during a moment…

“When time is not an option”.


  • Fireground heat-tested 600-650 F (Texas A&M University Fire School)
  • Flame-tested 1600F (Self-extinguished)
  • Fire service-tested 400 P.S.I. Cold-tested @ -18 degrees F with windchill factor of -30 degrees F

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